NissTec Lifts Customer Satisfaction Survey


Customer Satisfaction Survey

At NissTec Lifts we strive to make your experience hassle free from beginning to end! To help us better serve you, please complete this survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

*Please note that completing your identifying information is optional for this survey.*

For orders placed via the website please skip to question number 7.
1. Rep was professional, knowledgeable and able to answer my questions.
2. If the Rep was unable to answer my questions, they transferred me to someone who could.
3. Rep explored several options and determined which kit would best fit my needs and my budget.
4. I received my invoice and tracking information accurately and promptly.
5. If ever a problem did arise during my ordering process, NissTec was able to accurately and promptly correct the issue.
6. My package arrived on time in good condition and all of the correct parts were included.
7. I easily found answers to my questions on the NissTec Website.               
8. I found that using the shopping cart and completing my order was easy and convenient.
9. The overall design of this website is easy to navigate.                                  
I used NissTec to recommend an Installer?
NissTec was able to find me an installer within a reasonable distance (25miles) from my home.
If no current installer existed, NissTec offered to assist me in finding one.
The installer recommend by NissTec was courteous, professional and knowledgeable about the NissTec Product.
I would recommend NissTec to my friends or Family in the future.                                        

Optional-Provide your zip code if NissTec was unable to find an installer near you. We’re always looking for areas that we need to expand in.